Witzenmann enjoys continued growth


- Internationalisation continues apace

The Witzenmann Group is the world's leading manufacturer of metal hoses, capacitors, metal bellows and vehicle parts.
Over 3,700 employees at 23 companies in 18 countries develop and produce tailor-made solutions for customers from all sectors of industry. Witzenmann is a technological leader in its sector, and as well as offering a comprehensive product range is able to demonstrate wide-ranging engineering expertise in the field of flexible metallic pipe elements.

"The current year is going well for us. We are confident of exceeding the €500 million turnover mark in 2014", states Hans-Eberhard Koch, Chairman of the Board. Sales of €395.1 million were achieved by the end of September. This represented €19.3 million or 5.1% more than in the corresponding period of the previous year. "If this trend continues by half as much in the final quarter, the annual turnover should be around €520 million (2013: 497.1 million).

The broad international distribution of the company group plays an important role here. 66% of the turnover was generated outside Germany. The share of turnover in Asia and America (primarily in the USA and China) currently running at 34.5% is becoming increasingly important. The trend in Europe is stable, with appreciable growth coming from the German market alone.

At the heart of this growth are high sales of decoupling elements for waste gas systems and engine-related pipe elements for cars and commercial vehicles. These components help fulfil increasing demand for decreased consumption and increased quality and comfort.
In traditional industrial markets (industrial plants and machine engineering), the company has achieved success by asserting its high level of technological and solutions expertise. "The expansion of our international industrial activities is one of our strategic focusses for the coming years", underlines Hans-Eberhard Koch.

"Employment levels are also rising in tandem with the growth in sales, reiterates Gerhard Flöck, Managing Director for Personnel, Finances, Controlling and Materials.
At the end of September 2014, the Witzenmann Group employed 3,742 staff members; 132 more than at the end of 2013. In line with the high proportion of international sales, almost 50% of employees are based at locations outside Germany. With 1,934 employees in Germany, including 1,666 at the Pforzheim headquarters, domestic employment remains consistently significant and stable. Witzenmann GmbH in Pforzheim acts as the competence and control centre for the entire company group.

The course has been set for further growth. The site in Brazil aimed at the industrial sector is currently being expanded. The construction of a new subsidiary in Mexico (production of vehicle parts) is currently in preparation and will be actioned next year. "Both these growth projects and several others in planning will involve considerable investment", explains Gerhard Flöck. "In 2014 our investment level was almost €30 million, and a further €10 million is planned."

"Alongside globalisation, product and process innovations are another key cornerstone of our growth strategy", reflects Andreas Kämpfe, Managing Director for Technology and Quality. "We are continuously on the look-out for new application opportunities for our products and are constantly improving our processes.  The concept of innovation is firmly rooted in the company's ethos".

Witzenmann has set itself some ambitious goals for growth: The sales target for 2020 is €800 million, with sights set for one billion in 2025.


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