WITZENMANN continues on a growth course


The family-owned company based in Pforzheim reached a new turnover record in 2015 and benefitted from its strong international orientation.

Last year, the Witzenmann Group increased its turnover by 52.5 million euros to a total of 577.9 million euros. The turnover growth compared with the previous year is 10%. Just under half of the growth is due to currency effects.

Germany stable – Growth in America and Asia
The turnover in Germany for 2015 is at the same level as the previous year.
The markets in Europe recovered. Turnover grew by 8.1% here. The turnover growth in Asia (+23.8%) and America (+19.4%) was particularly strong once again. The turnover outside Europe has increased continuously in recent years. In 2015, 38.8% of the turnover (2014: 35.2%) was achieved in America and Asia.

Automotive business with the largest share
In 2015, the driver of growth once again was the automotive industry business segment (cars, lorries). The turnover growth is just under 22%, and in addition to Europe, applies particularly to the USA and China. As a result, the automotive turnover share of the total turnover increased to 62.7 % (2014: 56.7%). As a development partner, Witzenmann supports its global customers with components for modern exhaust systems as well as with pipe systems for implementing the increasing number of fuel-efficient and low-emission combustion engines.

Production at the new site in Mexico started
The new Witzenmann site in Mexico is also geared to the automotive markets. The new plant is situated in Celaya, in a central location for the country's most important vehicle productions. An ultra-modern production plant with a production area of 4,500 m2 was built on an area of 2.5 hectares. Production is currently underway. Production is geared towards a capacity of about 2 million decoupling elements in the medium-term with a workforce of 100 employees.

Industrial business as an important pillar of diversification strategy
Owing to the very restrained project situation in European industrial plant construction, turnover in the industrial business segment declined in 2015. New fields of application are being identified and pursued systematically in order to develop future fields.

Witzenmann's growth course is bolstered by the organisation's extensive investments.
In 2015, Witzenmann invested more than 37 million euros worldwide. In the fiscal year 2016, investments of just under 42 million euros are planned. Hence, the rate of investment at 7.4% remained at a high level.

Growth in employment
The number of employees has also increased with the turnover. At the end of 2015, 3,941 people were employed at the Witzenmann Group. Employment in countries both within and outside Europe has increased. In the meantime, more than 50% of employees work at the foreign companies. The number of employees in Germany is stable at around 1,900, of whom more than 80% work at the Pforzheim-based headquarters in an increasing number of tasks involving the coordination and management of the group.

Expected turnover in 2016 at the same level of the previous year
The economic conditions are currently quite mixed, particularly in the industrial sectors. There are numerous risks for the global economy. The turnover expectations of the Witzenmann Group at just under 580 million euros for the fiscal year 2016 are correspondingly restrained. The turnover development in the 1st quarter was in line with expectations. In terms of medium-term opportunities for growth, the turnover target for 2020 still remains 800 million euros.


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